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Unlock the Key to a Vibrant Life with Radiantly Healthy MD, serving all of Central Florida from our location in Indialantic in Brevard County, just across the bridge from Downtown Melbourne!

Metabolic Syndrome, High Cholesterol, heypertension, blood sugar controll

Are you burdened by the nagging worry that an unhealthy lifestyle is finally taking its toll on you? Are you tired of being trapped in a cycle of endless medical prescriptions? Does the diagnosis of high cholesterol, hypertension, or blood sugar issues weigh heavily on your mind? And what about those frustrating side effects that seem to be leading you down a never-ending path of more medications?

Take heart, for there is hope! We understand that you've scoured the depths of Dr. Google and delved into countless health bestsellers on Amazon, desperately seeking natural remedies to treat and reverse your conditions. But the conflicting advice out there can leave you feeling lost and disheartened. Should you avoid lectins? Drink celery juice? Vegan versus carnivore?  

Fortunately, Radiantly Healthy MD, located beachside in Indialantic, serves all of Central Florida and beyond! Our breezy beach location is welcoming and relaxed. Too far from home? We also offer telemedicine and virtual consultations!
Led by the compassionate Dr. Rebecca Hunton and her dedicated team, we are committed to unraveling the mysteries behind your health condition and addressing the root causes—creating a wellness plan that works with your lifestyle and addresses your unique health risks and conditions.

Metabolic Syndrome:

Embrace a Life of Wellness and Vitality in Central Florida

Metabolic syndrome, a complex amalgamation of chronic conditions, causes 70% of illnesses and diseases as we age. Excess abdominal fat, soaring blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, and stubbornly high inflammatory markers all serve as cautionary signs of potential disease, yet they remain silent, offering no direct symptoms to guide you.

But take solace in knowing that the modern Western lifestyle, with its constant bombardment of unhealthy temptations, is often to blame. The relentless cycle of dining out, the shackles of sedentary work environments, the ever-mounting stress, and the elusive slumber gradually push you towards the precipice of chronic ailments. It's an all-too-familiar journey, where you soldier on, day after day, until those telltale symptoms and prescriptions force you to confront the stark reality. But here's the silver lining: it's never too late to turn the tide!

Unmasking the Culprits:

Unraveling the Impact of Lifestyle Factors in Central Florida 

Metabolic syndrome, with its elusive origins, has no single villain to blame. It thrives on an intricate web of lifestyle factors, silently influencing your destiny. Brace yourself for the hidden culprits lurking within:

  • Excess abdominal weight, mocking your dreams of a lean physique

  • The ghost of family culture and genetic predisposition haunting your footsteps

  • The seductive allure of an inactive lifestyle, dancing with or without regular exercise

  • The suffocating grip of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, robbing you of restful nights

  • The treacherous choices on your plate, weaving a tapestry of nutritional challenges

  • The relentless enemy known as stress strikes at the very core of your well-being

Are You a Captive of Metabolic Syndrome? Liberate Yourself! 

The conventional medical world has set specific criteria for diagnosing metabolic syndrome. If you meet three or more of the following criteria, the label is yours:

  • Elevated waist circumference, a suffocating reminder of your expanding girth (Men > 40 inches and Women > 35 inches)

  • Soaring triglyceride levels, a menacing warning of lipid imbalance (> 150)

  • Feeble HDL cholesterol, betraying your body's struggle to maintain balance (Men < 40 and Women < 50)

  • Skyrocketing blood pressure, the tumultuous storm wreaking havoc on your arteries (> 130/85)

  • Fasting blood glucose on the rise, eroding your hopes of stability (> 100)

At Radiantly Healthy MD, we want to intervene before you earn the label! We utilize in-depth laboratory analysis to evaluate for metabolic derangements before diseases occur when it is even easier to reverse. It's essential to understand that the path to a healthy you do not lie in medications that merely address the abnormalities. No, our approach is far more profound, delving into the very essence of your unique imbalances, allowing us to forge a personalized treatment plan that can reverse metabolic syndrome and help you become radiantly healthy!

Embrace the Journey to Wellness:

Schedule Your Life-Altering Consultation Today!

If the weight of your current health and the uncertainty of your future well-being have become unbearable, take that courageous step towards Radiantly Healthy MD. We invite you to schedule your transformative consultation and embark on a path to rediscovering your vibrant, radiant health and life! Dr. Rebecca Hunton, MD, and her compassionate team stand ready to guide you every step of the way as you embark on a profound journey of healing and renewal. Don't wait another moment; the life you deserve is within reach! 

Come visit our breezy beachside Indialantic office, conveniently located just over the bridge from downtown Melbourne. From our Brevard County location, we serve all of central Florida. We also offer telemedicine and virtual consultations! Call today!

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