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Radiantly Healthy MD: Your Trusted Integrative Healthcare Provider in Indialantic, Melbourne, and Brevard County, Florida

Radiantly Healthy MD, your Premier Destination for Alternative Healthcare Services in Indialantic, Melbourne, and Throughout Brevard County, Florida. Our Esteemed Practice, Led by Experienced Practitioners, is Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Optimal Health and Well-Being Through Personalized, Holistic care.

As a Functional Medicine Provider in Florida, Dr. Rebecca Hunton combines holistic and traditional therapies to ensure optimal wellness and personalized care.


Whether you're seeking relief from chronic conditions, aiming to optimize your well-being, or simply looking for preventive care, our experienced practitioners are here to support you. Through advanced diagnostic tools and personalized treatment plans, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your unique health goals.


Conditions Cause Symptoms

Treat The Cause,

Not The Symptoms

Metabolism and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy BHRT


& Hormones

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At Radiantly Healthy MD, we embrace an integrative approach to healthcare, recognizing the vital connection between the mind, body, and spirit. We go beyond traditional medical practices by considering the whole person and focusing on the root causes of health issues. Our goal is to empower you to take an active role in your wellness journey, guiding you towards lasting health and vitality.

As a trusted healthcare provider in Indialantic, Melbourne, and Brevard County, we take pride in serving these thriving communities. We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our patients, helping them achieve radiantly healthy lifestyles.


Don't settle for ordinary healthcare. Experience the extraordinary at Radiantly Healthy MD in Indialantic, Melbourne, and Brevard County, Florida. Schedule your appointment today and embark on a transformative journey towards optimal health and well-being.

Answers to questions like:

"Why do I constantly feel fatigued?"

"Why is weight gain a persistent challenge despite my efforts?"

"Where has my vitality and well-being gone?"

Many of our patients have sought answers from their conventional doctors, only to receive hurried explanations during their brief appointments, leaving them feeling dismissed. Perhaps they were prescribed antidepressants or other medications that merely address symptoms.

You may be wondering if this is truly how it's meant to be. Deep within, something within you shouted, "No!" And that inner voice led you here—whether through Dr. Google's guidance, a compelling bestseller, or an enlightening blog post.

At Radiantly Healthy MD, Dr. Rebecca Hunton and our dedicated team are committed to helping you uncover the answers you seek. We understand the importance of personalized care and are determined to assist you on your journey towards finding lasting solutions.



We’ve all been to the doctor’s office before. Oftentimes we feel like we’ll get even sicker just by sitting in the waiting room for the doctor, while others actually are worse off after visiting their traditional style doctor than they were before the visit. In the pursuit of wellness, traditional therapies can sometimes inflict more agony than relief. From excruciating surgeries to the detrimental effects of harsh chemicals, the healing journey becomes an arduous battle. However, in this heartfelt blog, we, the compassionate holistic doctors of Radiantly Healthy MD in Brevard County Florida, aim to shed light on the transformative power of all-natural integrative medicine. Prepare to discover the remarkable ways in which this holistic approach surpasses traditional methods, granting you a healthier and more fulfilling life.



Have you ever dared to decipher the cryptic ingredients listed on your medicine bottle? More often than not, a sense of bewilderment engulfs us as we struggle to utter even a single syllable of those perplexing chemical concoctions. How can we fathom the impact they have on our precious bodies or unravel their enigmatic origins? It's a disconcerting reality that beckons us to question the very essence of our well-being.


Many prescription and over-the-counter medicines use harmful chemicals that, while possibly addressing and helping with certain problems, can actually cause more harm to your body than it does good. We've all been left disheartened by those drug commercials that bombard us with an overwhelming list of side effects, each sounding more dreadful than the symptoms they promise to alleviate.

Experience the Healing Power of Holistic Medicine at Radiantly Healthy MD. Our dedicated doctors provide you with all-natural treatments and therapies that eschew harmful chemicals, dyes, and additives. Rest assured, our therapies are designed to alleviate your pain without exacerbating it further. Trust in the expertise of our compassionate doctors, and rediscover the joy of feeling truly like yourself in a remarkably short span of time.


In the realm of healing, traditional therapies can often pose a grave threat to your well-being. This ominous reality stems from the prevalent use of invasive techniques in many traditional surgeries. These interventions, while aiming to address internal concerns, can inadvertently subject your body to untold harm. It's an emotional journey fraught with dangers, where the pursuit of relief may ironically lead to deeper suffering. Well, that pain doesn’t go away just because someone with 16 years or more of college is cutting you open. These surgeries can leave patients with months or possibly even years of healing, rehabilitation, and physical therapy just to get back to the point they were at before the surgery.

At Radiantly Healthy MD, we use non-invasive assessments and therapies in order to help you heal in an all-natural, healthy way. With our integrative therapies, you’ll need little to no recovery time at all, helping you feel better while getting you back to your preferred lifestyle quicker than traditional means. Our alternative medicine doctors will also go over every aspect of your therapy before you decide to go through with it, so you’ll know what to expect and feel comfortable in your decision.

Heals You

As mentioned previously, conventional medicine relies on chemicals that can trigger various reactions and symptoms in your body, often diverging from the true path of healing. Medications that fail to induce additional symptoms often fall short in their ability to genuinely restore your body's well-being. Traditional medicines have a tendency to usually just mask the problems or symptoms, causing you to come back to your medication time and time again in order to function normally. Throughout this process, it's disheartening to realize that your medication might be causing further harm through side effects and detrimental symptoms, instead of fulfilling its purpose of promoting healing or alleviating the very symptoms for which you initially sought treatment.

At Radiantly Healthy MD, our holistic approach is dedicated to not only resolving the initial symptoms or concerns that led you to our integrative health clinic but also to enhance your overall well-being in the long term. With each treatment, you will experience a remarkable improvement, bidding farewell to the persistent issues that brought you to us while progressively feeling better and better. Our compassionate holistic doctors are committed to guiding you back to a state of vibrant health using natural and wholesome therapies.

When it comes to seeking the finest integrative medicine in Melbourne, Indialantic, and Brevard County, look no further than Radiantly Healthy MD. Our esteemed team of holistic doctors is equipped with the expertise to restore your well-being through the power of all-natural medicine and therapy. Discover the breadth of integrative therapies we offer, learn more about the transformative Radiantly Healthy approach, and take the first step towards optimal health by scheduling an appointment at our Indialantic clinic in Brevard County FL today!

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