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Welcome to our Vitamin Infusion Drip Lounge

Feel Better Fast

In a perfect world, our body’s natural nutrient balance would stay optimal, keeping us energetic, well, and stress-free. But it isn’t a perfect world. And life doesn’t always set us up for good health. We’re rushed and stressed, surrounded by environmental toxins, eating nutrient-poor food, and don’t always give our bodies the exercise and hydration they need.


It’s no wonder we:

  • feel run down

  • get sick often

  • gain weight easily

  • have trouble concentrating

  • experience depression

  • age too soon

An out-of-balance body creates an out-of-balance life.

Vitamin Infusion Therapy brings balance back

so you can get back to a well-lived life.

What is Vitamin Infusion?

IV (Intravenous) Vitamin Infusion safely and comfortably delivers concentrated natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to your bloodstream, where they can immediately nourish and rejuvenate cells and tissue.

Why Vitamin Infusion?

When you take vitamins and supplements by mouth, not all of the nutrients are absorbed and used by your body. This is especially true if you have a chronic illness or gastrointestinal issues, such as poor gut lining or acid reflux.

With infused vitamins, 100% of the nutrition reaches your cells, bypassing the gut and allowing maximum absorption.

It’s fast. The infusion quickly floods your body, healing and restoring at the cellular level.

It’s also potent. Vitamin Infusion allows your body to receive much higher doses of vitamins and nutrients than would ever be tolerated by mouth.

Many situations create a need for higher levels of nutrition in the body: recent illness, a challenging workout, a hard day at work or emotional stress depletes the body of nutrients and requires replenishment to restore balance and function.

When your cells and tissues have the nutrition needed for repair and optimal performance, you feel better, fight off colds and flu easier and enjoy physical and mental well-being.

Which conditions are treated with Vitamin Therapy?

Here are just a few of the conditions positively impacted by Vitamin Infusion Therapy:

  • Aging

  • Immune Support

  • Cancer

  • Cold and Flu

  • Allergies and Asthma

  • Athletic performance enhancement

  • Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Post-surgery recovery (including bariatric and cosmetic surgery)

  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Headaches (Migraines)

  • Stress

  • Viral and Bacterial Infections

  • Chronic Sinusitis

  • Herpes Outbreaks

  • Acute Strain or Injury

Is Vitamin Infusion safe?

Yes. Vitamin Infusion is safe and has been clinically shown to help prevent and treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

We use the same supplies and equipment used by hospitals and the highest quality, methylated vitamins with no preservatives. We mix all VI’s daily, specifically for each scheduled appointment.

What is involved in Vitamin Infusion?

We suggest our patients drink a couple of glasses of water before their appointment. Our VI Techs make starting the VI virtually painless. The small tube that delivers the nutrients is soft and flexible. During the treatment, you may notice a sensation of warmth in your abdomen, and you may slightly ‘taste’ the vitamins.

Most treatments only take about 30 minutes, but some can be longer depending on the therapy you are receiving. We will let you know how long your visit will be when you schedule your appointment.

During the therapy, you will relax in a comfortable chair. Please eat a snack before you arrive, so your stomach isn’t empty during your infusion.

Will the Vitamin Infusion leave a bruise?

If a little blood collects under the skin, you will notice a small discoloration or bruising. This will usually dissipate within a few hours or days and should not affect your daily activities.

Is there a danger of interaction with other medications?

Interactions are rare, but since a few medications might negatively impact the effectiveness of the VI therapy, we take a targeted medical history before treatment.

Are there side effects?

Because we deliver VI nutrients to your bloodstream in a safe, unaltered form, most people tolerate the treatment very well with minimal to no side effects.

How often will I need Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

Every situation is unique. At the beginning of an intensive period of treatment, you may need more than one infusion per week. Other conditions and maintenance treatments (such as preventative and anti-aging therapies) only require therapy 1 – 4 times each month.

Keep in mind if you have a chronic illness, your body may be depleted, and simply taking oral supplements will likely not be enough to correct deficits. Flooding your bloodstream and cells with infused nutrition can quickly restore your overburdened endocrine and immune systems.

Types of Vitamin Infusion Therapy

We offer various types of Vitamin Infusion Therapy. In addition to our specialty formulas, we will custom tailor your VI Therapy for your specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Below are some of our most popular treatments:

Myers Cocktail:

Our most popular VI, this Vitamin Infusion has a “cocktail” of nutrients containing magnesium, calcium, B12, B6, B complex, and Vitamin C. It has been used safely for decades and takes about 30 minutes.

Optimal Infusion:

This VI has significantly higher doses than the Myers and contains nutrients that are depleted by stress. It takes about 1 hour and you will feel energized and improved mental clarity for days afterward. This VI requires a simple blood test or can be modified without the blood test results.

Super Immune:

This is our most potent VI for infections and includes the highest dose of vitamin C along with other nutrients known to boost the immune system. There are several protocols with this VI for chronic viral infections as well as significant acute infections such as influenza. This VI takes about 2 hours. This VI requires a simple blood test.

Ready to Power Up with Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

The only time you will need a blood test is for Higher Doses of Vitamin C

Depending on the type of Vitamin Infusion Therapy you will receive, we may require some pre-tests. Some therapies, however, do not require advanced blood tests. For example, if you are experiencing an acute viral illness and a Myer’ Cocktail is recommended, no advance bloodwork is needed.

How can I get a custom-tailored Vitamin Infusion?

Only current patients of RHMD, Dr. Hunton’s medical practice, are eligible for customized therapies. Customized VI’s require an appointment and a special laboratory panel called a Nutreval that will test your blood levels and provide a detailed reading of your vitamin and mineral count.

We use this biological information along with your current condition and medical history to determine the best protocol for you and your individual needs.

Next Steps:

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