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Welcome to Radiantly Healthy MD!  Nestled in the beachside community of Indialantic, we're your go-to source for functional, integrative, and regenerative medicine. We're proud to serve not just Melbourne but the entire Central Florida community – and as Buzz Lightyear says, “To Infinity! and beyond!”


After listening to your valuable feedback, we're delighted to unveil our Telehealth programs! Start your transformative journey with an initial virtual consultation that combines the best of both worlds: unparalleled healthcare quality and the utmost convenience, accessible from anywhere!  Value real world interactions? Experience our warm, welcoming office environment in person!


  1. Experience our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) program

  2. New Year, True You!  Kickstart your 2024 Health Goals with our Weight Loss Progam

Radiantly Healthy MD's Virtual BHRT Program

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Discover the Balance with BHRT: Free 15 Minute Consultation!


Key Benefits:

  •  Personalized Just for You: Your journey is unique, and so is our approach to your hormone health.

  •  Elevate Your Mood and Energy: Feel rejuvenated and more vibrant with optimized hormone levels

  • Nature's Best, Tailored for You: Embrace natural, bioidentical hormones customized to your body's unique needs.

  •  Ignite Your Passion: Experience a renewed sense of desire and intimacy.

  • Consistent Harmony: Experience the ease of steady hormone levels for a life that feels more balanced

  • Please Note:

  •  Virtual consultations focus on finding the best path for you and do not include the cost of BHRT prescriptions.

  • Pellet pricing is tailored to your dosage needs, encompassing the cost of the pellets for a transparent, predictable experience.


    Ready to Transform Your Hormonal Health?

    Scan the QR code now to book your complimentary consultation! Let's discover together if our BHRT program and pellets are the perfect match for you. Embark on a journey to a more balanced, vibrant you with Radiantly Healthy MD!

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    The Hormone Factor:  Hormones are like the control center of your body, affecting everything from mood to metabolism. When life's stresses knock them out of balance, that's when health issues can arise.

    Our Approach: We focus on restoring your body's natural balance with BHRT, using hormones identical to what your body produces. This aims for maximum effectiveness while minimizing side effects.

    Why Us?  We adopt a whole-body approach, treating you as a unique individual with specific health needs. This enables us to tailor your BHRT treatment to your unique health profile.

    Endless Benefits:  Whether you're a woman navigating menopause symptoms like hot flashes or weight gain, or a man dealing with low energy and libido, BHRT offers a path to improved well-being.

    Virtual or In-Office, Your Choice:  Our virtual consultations mean you can begin this life-changing treatment from home. However, if you opt for our pellet program, an in-office visit will be necessary for the pelleting procedure. Led by the renowned Rebecca Hunton MD, our team has decades of experience in BHRT.

    Our Philosophy:  We're committed to a holistic approach to your well-being, integrating principles from various medical fields to create a health plan that's uniquely yours.

    Start Your Journey:  Ready to explore the benefits of BHRT? Click the link below to schedule your initial appointment. You'll receive an email with forms to complete so we can offer personalized care during your appointment.

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